Iarp: the brand that has brought a world of innovation to commercial refrigeration.


Since 1983, IARP has established its position in the commercial refrigeration industry thanks to its great specialization in producing self-contained (plug-in) refrigerated cabinets. In particular, IARP is known as a true innovator in the universe of plug-in refrigerated cabinets.

The brand became part of the Epta Group in March of 2013, completing the Group's line up with a range of products known for their great flexibility, innovative capacity and reliability.

IARP is also a partner of excellence with many brands, actively working with them to develop new display solutions that perfectly respond to their needs. These ad hoc solutions are then personalised with graphics to fully reflect the company's image or that of the products on display. The result has a strong appeal to consumers, prompting impulse purchases.

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Modern, flexible, reliable ideas.

IARP solutions are particularly flexible, ensuring they match each of the client's specific requests and respond to today's most progressive market trends. The plug-in cabinets that carry this name provide a range of products wide enough to cover the diverse needs of the Food & Beverage sector: cabinets include both chiller models, perfect for beverage producers, and freezer models for ice cream. It is not by chance that IARP is a world leader in the preservation and display of industrially produced ice cream.

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Research & Development: as quality increases

IARP's competitive edge is demonstrated by the development of innovativetechnology which constantly improves the performance of quality products that are without rivals in this market segment. A logic that also aims at developing innovative sustainable solutions and optimizing energy consumption, while fully respecting the environment. In other words, all-around quality, also seen in the capability of these refrigerated cabinets to maintain constant temperatures wherever they are installed and at the most diverse latitudes, the world over: values that explain the reliability of the IARP brand

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