MAYEKAWA has been deeply committed to the refrigeration industry for more than 80 years.


MAYEKAWA's mission is to ensure food safety, taste, quality, affordability, and stable supply by providing a variety of technologies that are labor-efficient, add high-value , facilitate new-product development, save energy, and are environmentally friendly. In the energy field, we are endeavoring to create a 21st century model energy society through innovations in refrigeration technology, energy saving technology, non-freon technology, and CO2 reduction technology.

Environmental sustainability is the focus of MAYEKAWA's commercial activities. We have long pursued natural refrigerant technology and energy-efficiency solutions.

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Single Stage Screw compressor ( J Series )

The J Series with its innovative new rotor profile will revolutionize the refrigeration industry. With this winning design, our focus being driven towards energy efficiency, the COP (Coefficiency of Performance) has even surpassed MAYEKAWA’s high standards.

New J profile engineering allows a more proficient meshing between the lobes, which are now 5 and 6 for male and female respectively. The end result is superior performance.

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Single Stage Screw compressor (SCV series)

The SCV series of MAYEKAWA is well known in the world of industrial refrigeration as a thoroughly reliable and easy to maintain oil injected screw compressor package which delivers the highest performance during its lifetime of operation. The use of the SCV unit in thousands of refrigeration installations worldwide is testimony to its quality.

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Single Stage Screw compressor ( FM series )

The FM series is a very economical compressor due to its simple design. It has a built-in check valve and suction strainer. Customers can choose either a pump lubrication system or a pressure differential lubrication system. This compressor is also maintenance-friendly. Adjusting the coupling alignment is simple as the motor comes with a standard flanged motor (B35) design. The operating conditions, including the process line, allow for a stable process. The rotor design of this compressor, the same as the SCV series, allows for high volumetric efficiency resulting in high energy efficiency.

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