Sagi for design and production of professional refrigeration equipment

Sagi refrigeration equipment

For over the past 30 years Italian manufacturer Sagi has been an undisputed leader in the refrigeration market, with its products characterised by innovative solutions and superior performance. That’s why they are found in commercial kitchens, restaurants, hotels, beach clubs, cafes and other catering outlets worldwide – they guarantee the last word in reliability and efficiency

Display unit in tempered glass throughout,externally screen-silk printed.LED lighting.Special anti-fingerprint steel lower structure,no holes in view.Control board with electr.HACCP pcb.Nr. 5 display shelves in tempered glass with the back upright on AISI 304 stainless steel rack.Ventilated refrigeration through evaporator; automatic defrost. by air.Setting of relative humidity through humidistat

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SYRO Creative space from Sagi

Featuring an elegant and original design, the new Syrio vertical refrigerated display unit is truly in a class of its own. Featuring an entirely cylindrical shape, exclusive materials, and sophisticated design, with maximum attention to every detail, it’s a display case of inimitable style that offers an ideal space for maximum creative expression

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LUOXR Duble Face Duble Space!

The Luxor Double can be used in an entirely personalised manner based on the specific service requirements and the desired display methods. Double-Sided or Double-Facing, for a display solution that's capable of adapting to every need!

innovative shelf support system, LED lighting, and tempered glass display compartment with external screen printing, the Luxor Double offers optimal lighting and maximum content visibility. The softmotion pneumatic flapdoor opening system in tempered glass reduces energy consumption and increases usage flexibility, while at the same time maximising display value.

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