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International Cool Center For Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems offers a comprehensive selection of commercial kitchen, air conditioning, and refrigerator equipment to our valuable customers in Egypt, along with superior after-sales support. Our main priority is always to be prepared to maintain the products we sell.

  • We put forth every effort to provide our consumers with anything they possibly require.
  • We provide all our customers with all spare parts in addition to a certified service and maintenance center.
  • Qualified technicians providing superior after-sales services.
  • We offer a product shipping service.


is meeting our clients’ needs by providing them with new and smart solutions so our market value will rise, because the best way for success is the continuity in meeting all clients’ needs and understanding their needs. After that we begin to concentrate on how to achieve clients’ needs in smart way and high technical performance by providing them with perfect group of products from global brands and after sales services which considered a link with each other.


To be global recognized leader in refrigeration and air conditioning system, central kitchen equipment, supermarket and pastry showcase fridges not in Egypt only but also in Middle East and countries of North Africa.

Our success will be based on the following guiding principles:

  • Delivering innovative products and services
  •  Providing excellent customer services
  • Having committed employees who are proud of their company


  • Good management of problems and searching for solutions in fast times
  • Providing after sales service with an excellent way

Our Services

These services are represented in the following :

  • Cold, freezer rooms, freezer tunnels and shock freezer from global brands represented in Italian, Germany, Turkish etc.
  • Sandwich panels with all sizes with different thickness including doors with all accessories from global brand in Italy.
  • Heat exchangers (Air – Water cooled) from global brands represented in Italian, Turkish….etc.
  • Central kitchen equipment from global brands represented in Italian, Turkish….etc.
  • Supermarket fridges (multi dk – serve counters – glass door fridges ….etc.) from global brands represented in Italian, polish, Turkish…..etc.
  • Pastry and ice cream showcase fridges with different sizes from global brands represented in Italian, polish, Turkish .. etc.
  • All stainless steel equipment which fabricated from stainless steel 304 that resists corrosion and rust which is globally licensed.

We offer product shipping service

We are always seek for providing warranty for all equipment from our company and also we seek for keeping our aftersales services as represented in maintenance services and following up our clients step by step.

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